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In 2006, Spencer Sievers started his wine career

buying 1,200lbs of grapes and fermenting them in his apartment in Northwest Portland. With some experimentation and a passion for making terroir driven, fruit forward, vineyard and varietal specific wines, the El Corazon style was born. The next year, he moved back to Walla Walla. On his way to Kansas after El Corazon’s first crush, it hit Spencer (randomly, driving through a tunnel) to follow his heart. He picked up the phone and said to Raul, “El Corazon!” Raul said “Jefe, it’s 2AM, call me tomorrow,” and hung up. The next day, it all began.


~Our Tap Beers are ALWAYS Local!~




Our beer selection is constantly changing with the seasons, so come by for a fresh local pint!



108 N. Washington St., Suite 105 Spokane, WA | 509-315-8623 | information@leftbankwinebar.com